Why I Like Gizmo

Oprah loves Skype, but I’m pretty fond of Gizmo.

If your like me then you’ve probably got a number of different VoIP and IM clients running on your computer(s) — Skype, Google Talk, Gizmo, etc. I’ve used Skype heavily in the past, but I’ve now moved on to Gizmo. Here’s why:

  • I want something that will run on Linux. No, I don’t use Windows unless I have to, so this pretty much takes Google Talk out of the picture.
  • I want something that will let me IM contacts in multiple networks. Google Talk can do this, as can Gizmo — Skype can’t.
  • I want something that will hook into my Asterisk server easily. Google Talk can do this, but it’s a piece of cake with Gizmo because it uses SIP.

In addition, Gizmo works great with services like GrandCentral. To be fair, Google Talk has everything I want — if it only ran on Linux I’d be on it like stink on a monkey. Perhaps in time.

Skype may be more popular, and Goggle Talk may have more buzz but Gizmo is the VoIP / IM client for me. For now…