Voxeo Announces New Tropo Hotness: COBOL!

Several weeks ago, Voxeo rocked the voice application development world by introducing Tropo, a new platform that allows developers to build voice applications in a variety of different languages.

Tropo lets developers build voice applications in JavaScript, Ruby, Python, PHP and more. I mentioned Tropo briefly in my last post, where I describe a voice application I built using VoiceXML/PHP — I’ll be porting this app to Tropo shortly so that it will be close to 100% PHP and running on the Tropo platform.

Voxeo announced today that they are adding support for yet another development language to Tropo — COBOL. This is big – it brings the total number of languages supported to a half dozen. I can’t wait to see what Voxeo has in store for Tropo next!

Let me tell you something – you go into a bar and drop some hints that you are coding your Tropo app in COBOL and you will not be leaving alone.

I guarantee it!