Top VoIP Stories of 2008? You Tell Me.

It’s the time of year when lists are made.

The end of the calendar year invokes some primal drive in all of us to list the best and the worst from the previous 12 months. As it is with all other things, so it is with the world of telephony and VoIP. Here is a list of the top 25 VoIP innovations for 2008 from VoIP News. Here is another list. And another.

I’ve got nowhere near enough energy to list my own personal top 25 VoIP stories or innovations for 2008. Hell, I don’t even have enough energy right now for 5.

Personally, I think the development of an official effort by Digium and Skype to link up the Skype VoIP client and Asterisk is pretty exciting.

What do you think is the most innovative thing to happen in the world of VoIP in 2008?