Last Call Working Draft of CCXML

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has issued a last call working draft version of the Call Control XML 1.0 specification.

What is CCXML?

The Call Control eXtensible Markup Language (CCXML) is a standard for implementing call control in voice applications. It is meant to compliment the VoiceXML standard by providing control over higher level call features like creating and bridging different call legs, placing outbound calls and more. By contrast, VoiceXML is meant to handle the actual dialog that callers interact with.

In the absence of a call control standard, some VoiceXML platforms have implemented proprietary extensions that provide some of the functionality of CCXML. Others have implemented entirely different standalone languages with call control features. The adoption of a formal standard should make it easier form developers to build portable voice applications and incorporate the rich set of features available in CCXML into their voice apps.

Where is CCXML in the standards approval process?

Unfortunately, the process used by the W3C is somewhat of a labyrinth. My understanding of this process leads me to believe that after this “call” for comments, the specification will advance to “Candidate Recommendation” status, which should encourage more vendors to implement it in their platforms. Those with lots of time, or an inclination for self abuse ( 😉 ), can read more about the W3C approval process here.

Where can I learn more about CCXML?

Definitely check out the spec. The most comprehensive source of information on CCXML can be found on the Voxeo site. There are also some good tutorials on