Joining a New Team

People that know me (and probably some that don’t) know that I’m passionate about telephony systems and applications, particularly in how they are used by governments. As the most ubiquitous communications device in the world, the ordinary telephone is one of the most important channels that governments have access to for communicating with and providing services to citizens and taxpayers.

For the past few years, I’ve been working as a consultant to a company called Tele-Works whose core business is helping governments utilize telephony applications to efficiently provide services and information to their citizens. Tele-Works is packed to the brim with smart, passionate people who have the same commitment I do to helping governments successfully utilize telephony applications to improve service delivery. There is a palpable sense within the company for the desire to develop well built applications – applications that perform well, are easily maintained and provide real value for customers. It’s a great place to work, full of enthusiastic and skilled developers committed to building standards-based telephony applications that utilize the latest technologies.

So I’m happy to say that I will now be going legit – joining Tele-Works as a full time employee, effective today!

I’ll still be blogging and Tweeting about things that interest me, and these musings will continue to reflect only my views and opinions. But I’m going to doing these things with a renewed focus on what really excites me – telephone systems and applications, VoIP, emerging standards, new technologies for building IVR applications: anything and everything phone-related!

I’m excited about joining a great company like Tele-Works, and to have a renewed focus on the things I really enjoy working with.