Handheld Highs and Lows

New highs and lows were reached this week in the world of handheld and mobile devices. On the high side, its being reported that more than 26 million people sent text messages to the organizers of Live 8 (which took place on July 2nd) to help address poverty and AIDS in Africa.

Participants in the ‘real-time petition’ texted a word such as ‘unite’ or ‘live8’ numerically. Most of the texts emanated from Western Europe, said Ralph Simon, of the Mobilium Group, which organised the operation. ‘We got messages from people from Albania to Zimbabwe,’ Mr Simon said. ‘This means Bono and Bob Geldof can go to Gleneagles [where the G8 summit is to be held] and say we have created the world’s biggest text book.

On the low side, it looks like the State of Nevada has adopted a new statute allowing gambling at casinos via mobile device.

Gov. Kenny Guinn signed a law last month authorizing gamblers in Nevada to play slot machines, video poker, blackjack and other games on hand-held wireless devices from public spaces in casinos. The spaces include restaurants, bars, convention rooms, even swimming pools. Hotel rooms, however, are off limits, to make sure that minors do not get their hands on the new devices, which resemble personal digital assistants or tablet personal computers, depending on where they are being used.