Fonality announces trixBox Pro

Some very cool news today from Fonality, stewards of the trixBox project — trixBox Pro is essentially a blending of trixBox with Fonality’s PBXtra, but the whole definitely seems to be greater than the sum of it’s parts:

With trixBox Pro, users can enjoy both basic and many advanced VoIP features “” conferencing, unified messaging, presence features, embedded secure corporate chat, Outlook integration, and more.

Perhaps the most exciting new feature included with trixBox Pro is trixNet, the equivalent of a private VoIP peering service, which essentially connects trixBox Pro users to one another without connecting to the PSTN, regardless of the service provider either party uses. When a user places a call, trixNet quickly checks its database to determine whether the called party is also part of trixNet, and if not, routes the call to the PSTN. Additionally, the system has also been designed to detect connection times and reroute calls to the PSTN if calls are not connected within one second.

What is even cooler — trixNet is expected to be extended to trixBox CE (the stand alone version of trixBox) and to users of Google Talk in the near future.

Nice — can’t wait to get mine!