Facebook Integration Enabled

I’ve been experimenting with Facebook Connect for a week or so now, and I’ve finally got it enabled for comments on this site. I’m using a slightly modified version of the WP-FBConnect plugin that can be found here. I’ll probably continue to tinker with the code as I use it more, and get a better feeling for what I like and don’t like.


Enabling this plugin displays a new log in option for leaving comments — users now have the option of logging into this site via Facebook Connect. This will create a new account on the site that they can use to leave comments, manage their profile, etc. Additionally, when a user leaves a comment, they have the option of having it published on their Facebook profile. Pretty neat!

Now I’ll just have to write some interesting posts so that people feel compelled to leave comments. 😉

Note – I have noticed a little bit of strangeness when logging in via Facebook Connect using Firefox (the behavior has appeared when running Firefox 3.0.5 on both Linux and Windows). After logging in, the page seems to revert to a pre-logged in state (the Facebook Connect button is displayed after a user has logged in). A page refresh, or navigating to a new page seems to clear this issue, but it could be confusing for those using Firefox. I’ll have to dig into this some more to figure out what is causing it and get it resolved.

If you encounter any issues logging into this site with Facebook connect, leave the details for me in the comments section.