Drupal Notifications Framework

I’m experimenting with the very cool Notifications Framework for Drupal on a test site that I have set up.

This module (really a collection of different modules and add ons for Drupal) adds some extremely powerful functionality to a Drupal site to allow site administrators to select different node types for subscriptions, and to set up different subscription channels. I’ve currently got Prowl and e-mail working, and am configuring Twitter and XMPP for testing now — I hope to get to SMS later this week. It also makes it easy for site users to subscribe to different nodes, to be alerted when they are updated or if a comment is submitted. Users can also select the channel they want to be notified on (a default setting or a custom selection for a particular node).

It doesn’t look like a user can select multiple channels to be notified on (e.g., Prowl and XMPP for the same noticeable event). There also isn’t currently a phone-based channel (i.e., outbound phone call with TTS), at least not that I could easily find. I may have to remedy that soon…

This is but one example of the incredible array of custom modules available from the Drupal community that Drupal-powered sites can take advantage of.

Be nice to see some sort of multi-channel notification functionality on the new Drupal-powered whitehouse.gov site. Dont think they have that yet.