Creating “Multi-Mobile” Applications

I’ve written a brand new tutorial describing how to create “Multi-Mobile” applications with PHP. This example uses the powerful HAWHAW library for creating mobile applications, something I’ve been talking about doing for a whie now.

Multi-mobile applications deliver content that is specifically tailored to the device being employed by the end user. This content is formatted differently based on the requirements of each specific device, and the mode of input is restricted to that supported by the device. Users accessing a form requiring specific input will see different manifestations of the same interface depending on the device they are using.

What makes these applications special is that a single code base provides the functionality for device independence. So, whether an end user is making a phone call, using a WAP-enabled browser or an XHTML-enabled PDA the application is built to format an interface appropriately for each device.

If your interested in building Multi-Mobile applications, you need to read this!