Comcast Breaks the Mold With Twitter

I just had a surreal customer service experience this morning that I feel I need to share.

Less than 2 hours ago, I tried opening a new browser tab and got an error. I noticed that my Internet connection was down by glancing at the cable modem connected to my wireless router.

I needed to take break anyway, so before heading out for a fresh cup of coffee I decided to send out a quick Tweet using my cell phone. Naturally I used my 140 characters to rail against the faceless monopoly that had left me stranded without a connection to the “Tubes” — its always easy to be dramatic and take cheap shots when no one is listening.

Except someone is listening…

Within an hour of my Tweet bashing Comcast, I had not one but two responses from Comcast Customer Support people on Twitter — both asked very nicely how they could help. This takes customer service to an entirely new level!

I’m absolutely blown that Comcast is monitoring Twitter and pro-actively responding to customer complaints in this way. More companies should do this. (Hell, more governments should do this.)

From now on, if I have any problems with my Internet connection, my first order of business will be to use Twitter. Help from Comcast is only a Tweet away.