Adventures in Extreme Phoning "“ Vol I.

For those knowledgeable in the realm of software PBX’s like Asterisk, the edge of the envelope might be defined by setting up your own home telephone system built around the latest Asterisk release. For those that want to go to the edge, there is a nice series of podcasts available from TechHelpWeekly that provide an overview of Asterisk and give some good tips on getting a system up and running:

  • Episode 17 ““ focuses on using Asterisk in a small business setting.
  • Episode 16 ““ provides some good information on some of the hardware requirements for using Asterisk.
  • Episode 15 ““ an introduction to Asterisk and software PBX’s. (Kind of “fluffy” ““ if your already interested in using Asterisk and don’t need to be convinced of its usefulness, go right to the next episode.)

Using Asterisk as the core for a small business telephone system is a great idea ““ it may also make sense for some smaller governments to give this a whirl. If Asterisk can make Bill & Dave’s Hardware Store sound like Home Depot, it may help jurisdictions with more limited resources provide useful service to their citizens.