VoiceGlue 0.10 Released

For those that don’t know, Voiceglue is an open source project that links Asterisk (the open source PBX) with OpenVXI (an open source VoiceXML platform currently under the stewardship of Vocalocity). Voiceglue makes it possible for Asterisk users to deploy a completely open source VoiceXML platform for building IVRs and other useful applications.

The Voiceglue project recently announced the release of version 0.10 – there are several new features in this release:

  • Improved audio caching
  • Cookie passing on audio fetching
  • Handles maxage and audiomaxage of 0 properly
  • Uses HTTP Content-Type for audio content when available
  • Defaults to not requiring access-control directive in returned data from data tag
  • New transfer method, new config file param “blind_xfer_method”
  • Auto-install support for Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty)

I’m especially interested in the last item – I’ve been meaning to set up a VM to play around with Ubuntu 9.04 for a few weeks now, and this is yet another good reason for doing so.

The new version of Voiceglue can be downloaded here.


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