The Answer to Government XP Woes

Government Technology Magazine is reporting on the reaction of state and local government IT officials to the recent decision of Microsoft to discontinue support for Windows XP and Office 2003:

Microsoft dropped free support this week for Windows XP and Office 2003, leaving state and local governments wondering when they’ll be forced to move computers to a newer operating system.

Lisa Moorehead, the director of management information systems in the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities, said her department doesn’t have the budget to pay for repeated incident-report calls.

“That is going to pose huge problems to us and force us to potentially go to an operating system we don’t want to go to,” said Moorhead, who isn’t thrilled with one of her other options: the newer Windows Vista operating system.

So, what other options to state and local IT officials have? Let me spell it out for you:

U B U N T U !

‘Nuff said.


2 thoughts on “The Answer to Government XP Woes

  1. As long as open source has no official lobbyists, close source will win (almost) every time.

    The one possible upside, as it relates to open source, of the economic pressure governments are currently under is that they may not be able afford to ignore open source any more.

    European governments are far ahead of U.S. state governments in adopting open source, particularly on the desktop.

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