More Public Sector Asterisk

A while ago, I wrote about state and local governments using the Asterisk open source PBX.

I just came across this piece on Deb Bryant’s blog about the State of Oregon using Asterisk for several projects. A case study describing the project is also provided.

I’ve got to do some more research in this area and see if there is an easy way to get a count of state and local governments using Asterisk. I have a feeling that the number is larger than most people would think, especially in light of the budget constraints facing governments in recent years.

Anyone have any thoughts?


2 thoughts on “More Public Sector Asterisk

  1. Hi Mark,

    There is quite a bit of Asterisk use in state and local government. In the Portland area, Metro has been running an Asterisk server for some time. I can put you in touch with the manager there if you’re interested.

    Counting will take some research, but I’d be very interested in the results. You might check out the National Association of Telecommunications Directors (I think the D is directors), an great association of state telecommunications managers, to start if you’re thinking nationwide. Their web site is

    Deb Bryant
    Public Sector Communities Manager
    OSU Open Source Lab (OSL)

  2. Thanks, Deb!

    Actually I think it would be interesting to talk to someone from a public sector organization using Asterisk.

    Can you share his/her contact info.?

    You can e-mail me at mheadd [at] voiceingov [dot] org


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