Arizona 2-1-1

A while back, I wrote an entry about Abbreviated Dialing Codes used by governments (sometimes referred to as N11).

The State of Arizona has announced the results of the first year of activity for its 2-1-1 service, which includes both an online component and a call center.

Arizona’s Strategic Plan for 2-1-1 calls for the phased implementation of 2-1-1. The next step for the program is development of local 2-1-1 call centers serving all Arizonans day-to-day as well as in times of emergency.


One thought on “Arizona 2-1-1

  1. At this time the state-government-run Arizona 2-1-1 does not have an active call center. In July 2006, they did roll out a call center for declared state emergencies including wildfires, but that has only been used once so far.

    The call center component is now in development. In the meantime, long-established information and referral call centers in the state, most notably the two largest in Phoenix and Tucson, are taking calls under contractual obligation to use the Arizona 2-1-1 Online database, but must supply their own non-integrated call logging software to track calls and referrals.

    Both of those I&R call centers, each with over 40 years of experience in I&R, are awaiting the chance to bid on becoming part of the call center phase of Arizona 2-1-1. Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS — pronounced “access”), the state’s Medicaid organization, is in charge of developing and running the call centers for Arizona’s 2-1-1 telephone operation. As of July 1, 2006, they have $1.8 million to set up call centers for this system. They may opt to start fresh with their own call centers rather than contracting with the already experienced non-profit operations.

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