Waxing Nostalgic on VoIP

There is an old maxim in the fashion business that says that everything comes back into style eventually. (I’ll prove it — I never thought I’d be wearing wide-bottom jeans again, but here we are.)

This same principle can be applied to technology. Who would have thought that mainframes would make a comeback? Who would have thought that the richness of more traditional desktop client-server applications (as opposed to the relatively sparser GUI’s of web-based applications) would come back into vogue?

And so it is with voice technologies. When I read about the latest Voice over IM development (for example, this one, and this one here, and of course this one), I can’t help but think about the early days of VoIP. Remember when the only way to use VoIP was on your PC – before Vonage or the other providers brought VoIP to your telephone? I came across this neat article on the history of VoIP as I was reminiscing that provides a good description of the early days.

So it looks like VoIP has advanced to the point where its making a comback on the PC…? Weird.