Candidate Recommendation Status for VXML 2.1

VoiceXML 2.1 received “Candidate Recommendation” status from the W3C on June 13th, taking it one step closer to the level of a formal standard.

There are a number of extremely cool features in the new specification that will make building dynamic voice applications with VoiceXML simpler and more efficient. A good overview of these new features can be found in the “First Words” column authored by Rob Marchand for the VoiceXML Review.

Despite the relatively early stage in the process, most of the larger VoiceXML platform vendors now support most (if not all) the new functionality spelled out in the 2.1 specification.


One thought on “Candidate Recommendation Status for VXML 2.1

  1. To view some of the VoiceXML 2.1 elements that are supported by some of the major players, have a look at what BeVocal and TellMe are supporting:


    Both platforms have incorporated things like the <data> element, and the <foreach> construct for iterating through arrays for a while now, but both have now been standardized to match the developing 2.1 spec (a good thing for those porting applications between these platforms!).

    One really nice feature being supported by BeVocal is the ability to capture audio while performing a recognition against a grammar ( This is a new feature in the VoiceXML 2.1 spec that I believe is currently only supported on this platform.

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